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vvvv — visual programming for .NET

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Joreg and Elias present new visual language for the .NET ecosystem, called "VL" and a development environment for it, called "vvvv gamma".

VL combines dataflow paradigms with features known from object-oriented programming and defaults to program-while-running with a hot state reload approach. It can directly consume any .NET library and its compiler is using Roslyn to generate C# code in memory from the visual language. This allows to potentially build to any platform that is supported by the .NET ecosystem.

This does not only allow for very rapid prototyping but is also indispensable for productions where you need the flexibility of modifying a program while it is running.

Visual programming is widely criticized for not being suitable for anything other than domain specific problem solving. With vvvv gamma we argue we enter a new era of general purpose visual programming.

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Многие годы мы писали код в текстовых редакторах. Но что, если попробовать его «рисовать»? Идеи визуального программирования живут давно и интересно посмотреть насколько далеко продвинулась технологии.

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