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How to do in-app chaos testing

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Как контролировать хаос.

Relax! This man is not here to break your software. But he's here to show you how you can break the software you develop without changing the actual code! Now, you're probably thinking: "Why on Earth should I do this? I have unit/integration/... tests".

Ah, yes, you have tests. So do you test what happens if a third-party service goes down? Or takes a lot longer to respond when that service hits its busiest time of the day? Or what would happen if you tried to write data into a SQL database that has no more disk space?

All of these — and more! — cases can be discovered early, during development time. And Wesley will gladly show you how.

During this session, he'll provide some examples of why chaos testing should be considered. Then, he'll step through a live coded example of how to apply chaos testing during the development phase in .NET, something which is not possible with the existing chaos testing toolkits.

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