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Writing a custom, real-world .NET GC

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Кто, если не автор Pro .NET Memory Management, расскажет, как писать собственный GC для .NET?

As you may already know, starting with .NET Core 2.1 a new feature called Local GC has been added. It allows you to completely replace the default GC used by the runtime with your own. In this session, after a short introduction about the basics like how one can start and implement custom Allocator, we will start implementing our own Collector. With the help of the API exposed by the runtime everything should be possible, limited only by our own imagination, right?

Topics and implementations shown in this talk are not only interesting on their own but also directly relates to the current .NET GC implementation, making it more clear and understandable in our everyday work.

This talk may be treated as a continuation of the Make your custom .NET GC — "whys" and "hows" talk given in DotNext Moscow, although viewing it is not a required prerequisite.

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