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ASP.NET Blazor programming 101

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Задаём тренд — пишем на C# в браузере.

Blazor is a client-side framework capable of running C# code that unlike its notorious far ancestor Silverlight doesn't suffer from plugin-itis and doesn't force you away from HTML and CSS (no XAML-itis as well). If you have an ASP.NET background, Blazor is easier to pick up than Angular or React — just the natural next step from classic server-side web programming. It's C#, though, and this is good and bad. But it's ASP.NET Core and this is not bad at all.

In the session, we'll see a few examples and glimpses of what it could be to take Blazor for development. Did I mention that some parts of Blazor are included in ASP.NET Core 3.0?

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