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Transpiling WebAssembly modules into .NET assemblies

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Wasm2cil can convert a WebAssembly module into a .NET assembly on disk. The resulting DLL is not interpreted — it contains the same functions as the WebAssembly module, translated from Wasm instructions to CIL instructions. The dependency on the WASI "system calls" is provided with a C# implementation of those calls in a supporting assembly.

This talk would include:

  • an overview of WebAssembly and WASI;
  • deep dive into some contrasts between the Wasm instruction set and CIL;
  • discussion of implementing WASI with .NET;
  • wasm2cil architecture and how it works.

Technologies covered or mentioned will include WebAssembly (Wasm), WASI, Wasmtime, Mono.Cecil, CIL, .NET Core, Rust. In addition, wasm2cil itself is implemented with a mixture of F# and C#, but I do not plan to speak about F# issues.

The subject matter of this talk is rather advanced, so the target audience is experienced .NET developers, ideally with some previous understanding of CIL and the CLR.

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