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Distributed .NET deep dive

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Software used to be simple. You built a website, connected it to a database, and you were done. Then customers started asking for APIs, mobile apps, notification emails, real-time chat. Then cloud hosting came along, offering the possibility of "elastic" systems — applications that can scale on-demand, built using protocols and patterns designed to handle spikes in traffic and workload without impacting your end-users.

Today, .NET offers dozens of different ways to wire together with the components and services in your application — and the options can be a little overwhelming. Service buses, message queues, REST, GraphQL, gRPC, SignalR: what are they all for? How do they work? How do you get started?

Join Dylan Beattie for an end-to-end run through the most common architectural patterns for building modern high-performance distributed systems in .NET: asynchronous web APIs, message queues, protocol buffers, real-time browser notifications — and a whole lot of interactive live demos.


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