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Nullable reference types — advanced guide

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Andrey will speak about how to start using C#8 nullable reference types, which problems and aspects you may face and how to solve them.

The talk will show:

  • how to transfer a big project to work with nullable reference types step-by-step;
  • how to help compiler to understand complex methods' contracts by using the annotations;
  • how to use nullable reference types in generic code and which problems may arise;
  • the pitfalls which users of this feature of language can expect, when it may work unexpectedly or wrongly and what to do in this case.

The talk will be interesting for those who plan to use nullable reference types since it reveals the details of how they work. It will be most helpful for those who plan to use them in the big projects that cannot be converted to using NRT and entirely annotated for a short time. Also in projects that use their own solutions for assertions or exceptions, or complex methods' contracts combine availability of "null" in input and output values since these methods will have to be annotated for proper work of compiler.

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