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Porting a 11-year-old Windows application to Linux

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Rustam and Alexey will talk about how the 11-year-old enterprise application for video surveillance systems Macroscop was ported to Linux.

5 years ago the .NET application was ported to Mono, but the stability of Mono application under the high CPU was bad and it didn't work out to get a stable product... This time the .NET Core 3 technology didn't disappoint and the team managed to release the Linux version of Macroscop.

For porting the team had to "optimize" the code base and transfer more than 3 million lines of code and 100 projects from .NET 4.8 to .NET Core 3 and solve many problems that lurked in .NET Core. Moreover, some problems couldn't be solved and the guys will also tell you in detail about that.

This talk will be of interest to anyone who dreams of porting their .NET application to .NET Core.

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