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Panel debate: Akka or Orleans? Ask their architects!

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DotNext conference dedicated several presentations to actor model and the two most popular frameworks used by .NET developers to write services based on actor model principles. And every time we had a talk on this subject, we had a question: "So what should I choose? Akka.NET or Microsoft Orleans?" There can be no better source of the answer than to get if from people who played a major role in the development of these frameworks.

So we feel honored to announce an in-depth session to discuss the place of the actor model in modern development, criteria to choose an actor model framework that satisfies your project requirements, and of course to find out when Akka.NET or Microsoft Orleans will be your best bet. Our guests are Aaron Stannard, the CEO of Petabridge and one of the creators and major contributors of Akka.NET, and Sergey Bykov, former Microsoft Orleans Program Lead and major contributor, now a member of the Temporal team.

Think about what you would like to ask them and join the session or just watch them telling about the history of their projects and answering questions by others. We are sure you will learn a lot.

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