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The AR Cloud is real — building cross-platform AR experiences with Azure Spatial Anchors

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Azure Spatial Anchors realizes what some in the industry call the AR Cloud. Large-scale, multi-user, and cross-platform shared experiences with persisted virtual objects. Azure Spatial Anchors does not just work with the HoloLens but also mobile AR platforms like iOS ARKit and Android ARCore. Scenarios include wayfinding, shared experiences across different devices, but also large-scale, persisted mappings beyond the direct sensor view of the devices. Imagine the real-world mapped digitally for large-scale AR experiences beyond just your own device, think Ghost in the Shell, and other sci-fi movies!

In this session Rene Schulte will explain WHY Cloud Spatial Anchors is the next big thing and why Azure Spatial Anchors is a key technology and leading the market using lots of enterprises and consumer use cases, he will further discuss HOW it works and showcases how to implement a cross-platform AR app with Azure Spatial Anchors.

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