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Modular monolith instead of microservices: How, when and why

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Microservices today is the hype. There is an opinion that the good old monolith is bad, and microservices are a pill. But is it so?

In his talk, Denis will talk about when to choose a monolith over microservices. And also that the monoliths are different, it is not necessarily dirt. A modular monolith allows you to make the same high-quality isolation of parts of the system from each other, as a microservices offer, while maintaining the simplicity of debugging, deployment, and work within a single transaction. Yes, you need to write good monoliths :)

The speaker will also tell you when it is time for an ordinary monolith to become modular and how to move from an ordinary monolith to a modular one. And, of course, how to separate modules into separate services.


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