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How to Tame XDocument? XmlDocument Vs XDocument

  • Talk in Russian

How often do you think about choosing the right data type in your future development? Do you keep up with the latest changes in working with XML documents?

In this talk, I will speak about the problem that I encountered as part of my work on import substitution of the processor for spreadsheet editors of office applications in Linux-like operating systems.

The problem is simple — in a short time, develop a code that can work with all Linux files — analogues of Excel. And although every table editor is the simplest XML, how can you develop one structure that can work with all of them? Is it true that XmlDocument is a good old type that is always relevant and still strong? Or have new types appeared that are simply not talked about so much and everywhere?

Together we will look at the best and worst sides of XDocument and XmlDocument using practical examples, learn life hacks for using them and use benchmarks.