Offline DotNext. Moscow

September 15–16 00:0000:00 (UTC+3)

Offline: Online,

It’s offline, where you

  • Talk in person

    Chat with colleagues. Catch speakers to talk to or consult with experts.
  • Join various activities

    Participate in sessions, contests and quizzes. Complete quests or compete in games.
  • Hanging at the booths

    Meet new projects and companies. Network on career topics. Get merch.

Offline only, no recording

  1. September 15

At the venue, in general

  • Afterparty

    A party for participants, speakers, experts and hosts. The menu includes drinks and appetizers, informal networking and a great time spent.
  • Lunch and coffee breaks

    Buffet for all participants. Drinks and snacks of your choice in between.
  • Networking

    Meeting colleagues from different companies. Sharing ideas and contacts.
  • Mix of various formats

    Discussions and informal talks with speakers and participants. Round tables, BoF sessions and Lightning talks.

If you can’t participate offline or want to leave early, there is always an online broadcast of all the talks from the main program. Then there are video recordings available.


  • How do I get online access to the conference?

    To gain access to the conference you are interested in, you must purchase a ticket to the conference. You can do this on this page.

  • How do I get access to the conference after buying a ticket?

    After you purchase a ticket, you will automatically get a personal account.

    An invitation will be sent to your email — click on the link in it and follow the instructions.

    If the letter didn’t come, check your spam folder.

    If there is no email, report the problem to support.

  • Where will the conference be held?
    The conference will be held on September 15–16 at Moscow, , Online. The conference broadcast will be available on the website.
  • When will the program and time of the conference be known?
    We begin publishing the program in batches on the conference website one month in advance.
  • What activities will the conference include?

    The conference will include:

    • talks;
    • roundtables;
    • BoF-sessions: meetings of interest without a scheduled schedule;
    • discussions with speakers who will come to the venue.
  • Will there be an online broadcast of the conference?

    We will be live streaming most of the conference activities: talks, round tables, etc.

    Discussions and BoF sessions will not be broadcast and recorded.

  • Offline was so long ago that I no longer remember what the procedure was for offline conferences.
    Don’t worry, before the conference we will send you a participant’s memo. It will contain all the necessary information.
  • Can I buy a ticket just to attend the conference offline?
    To attend the conference offline you need to buy an  ticket. It gives you the right to participate in the conference and unlimited access to the broadcast recordings.
  • How do I attend the conference offline if I have an  ticket?
    If you already have a ticket to watch the conference broadcast, you can upgrade it to . To do so, email our support team at
  • How to get to the conference offline if the company only paid me for the ticket?
    If the company that paid for your ticket is not willing to upgrade it to , you can do it yourself.
  • Is there a limit on the number of  tickets?

    The number of tickets is limited to the capacity of the conference venue.

    So it is better to buy tickets in advance while they are available.

  • Are there COVID-19 restrictions for attending the conference offline?

    There will be no COVID restrictions on site visits. You don’t need QR codes or PCR tests to enter the venue. For your safety a qualified medical worker is constantly on duty at the site.

    However, if you’re feeling unwell, it’s best to refrain from going offline. You will be able to participate in the offline part remotely or watch the performances in the recording.